Advanced FAQ


Advanced FAQ module allows you to create a separate list of question and answer, which is specific to a particular category.

This module enables merchant to solve customer queries quickly by providing relevant FAQs.

Supports all browsers (IE, Google Chrome, Firefox and so on)

The customer can see most frequently asked questions

Customers can select relevant categories as per the query

A single click can collapse or expand the list

Set the most frequently asked questions in the front

Add FAQ menu to the CMS

Manage FAQ categories

Set store wise categories and FAQ list

Set WYSIWYG editor

Community Edition 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9
Enterprise Edition 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14
Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-7405

Extension Description

Advanced FAQ module allows you to create a separate list of question and answer, which is specific to a particular category.
This module enables merchant to solve customer queries quickly by providing relevant FAQs.
The Valuable Insights Of The Advanced FAQ Module.
FAQs have always been represented on a static and uncluttered page. Conventional FAQ pages simply comprised of questions and answers.
However, this perception has been revamped with the Advanced FAQ Module. The FAQ module allows you to add captivating jQuery animation effect on your Magento website.
the frontend, your customers would witness an attractive and compelling FAQ section with an animation.
At the same time, the category section of the module in the backend would give you a complete control for managing the FAQ categories on the website.
You can add, edit or update FAQs through your backend Magento store.
Due to the advanced FAQ and Product Questions extension you'll provide store visitors with a great opportunity to ask about any details right on product pages and get precise answers from store administrators.
Magento FAQ extension you can create and manage your own knowledge base, assign questions to corresponding topics and let customers rate your answers.
Let shoppers quickly find necessary information in the knowledge base.
Enable them to search by question tags, topics or among the questions displayed under topic titles.
In case customers don't find information they need, they can ask a question right on the Magento FAQ page and get an instant answer from an admin user.
Admin users can choose which questions to show as related. The two-way relation option automatically makes selected questions mutually related to each other.
Let store visitors rate all your questions both on product and knowledge base pages to see which information really helps customers and improve your content accordingly.
Due to highly adjustable FAQ Magento extension settings you can choose the layout type to match your custom theme.
It's also possible to display any selected CMS block on the FAQ section page.

Due to the flexible FAQ Magento extension you can enrich your Magento knowledge base either with your own questions or add the most popular questions left by store visitors on product pages.
This way you won't have to spend time on collecting and rewriting customer questions and will be able to quickly grow your knowledge base.
With the FAQ Magento module you can create as many different topics as you need.
Assign questions to one or multiple topics to help customers easily navigate your FAQ section.
Specify short SEO-friendly URLs for each topic and question you create to help customers easily share useful information with others and add pages with answers to bookmarks.
Make any questions visible on corresponding product pages
Assign customer questions as well as the questions added by admin users to store products, thus helping users find the answers to most frequently asked questions not only in the Magento FAQ section, but right on the product page.

Let store visitors ask questions right from product pages with a handy question form displayed in a popup.
Show an additional "Ask a Question" link on top of a product page to help customers quickly find and fill in the question form.
Display a questions tab on each product page to help users find useful information about the item they are going to purchase.
The tab can be filled in with customer questions as well as with the ones added by admin users.
Send email notifications to customers once the answer to their question is posted.
Apart from that, the Magento product questions extension supports an admin notification feature.
Therefore, each time a new question is sent by a store visitor, the administrator will be instantly notified.
View and manage all customer questions on a handy Questions grid.
The Magento product questions module enables you to delete selected questions in bulk right from the grid.
Assign questions to necessary topics or product pages, write answers and edit customer info just in a few clicks.


Extension Demo

Backend Settings
you'll be logged in automatically
Guest Page
create RMA request as a guest
Login Page
log in to make the request from the account page

Additional Information

View all FAQs on a separate page
Quickly find the answers, information by topics, categories and tags (New)
Easily search for available questions and answers
View most common FAQs on Category pages’ sidebar
Create topics and group questions into categories
Sort order of categories shown in frontend
Customize FAQ display with many options: style, position and number shown
Add tags for each question to easily search in frontend
Responsive Magento FAQ extension
Multi-store supported.
100% Open source
License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
Easy to install and configure
User-friendly interface
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