The PayU Money extension allows you to integrate PayU money with your online store.

You can easily link your Magento store with PayU Money payment gateway and start collecting payments instantly.

Go Live within minutes and start collecting payments instantly

Simple signup process

No monthly rental

Strong dispute resolution team in place to tackle any claim or dispute raised by a buyer

Send unlimited e-invoices to customers

Easily track your settlements

Community Edition 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9
Enterprise Edition 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14
Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-7405

Extension Description

"PayU" is an comprehensive payment gateway that is used by e-commerce websites as well as websites that support/require online payments for there services and products.
You can integrate PayU as your online payment services with websites and use your credit cards, debit cards and netbanking to make easy, reliable and secure payments for your purchases.
Being the fastest growing payment system, PayU offers you effective, flexible as well as user-friendly payments.
PayUmoney also offers an online interface (dashboard) where the merchant can view transaction details, settlement reports, analytic reports etc.
This online interface can be accessed through by using the username and password provided to you.
Creating a payment order (with discounts included)
Receive or canceling a payment order (when auto-receive is disable)
Conducting a refund operation (for a whole or partial order)
The following diagram explains how the customer makes the payment and how the process flows.
seller payment infographic

Step 1

The consumer selects the
product on your website/app and
clicks on "Pay Now" button.

seller payment infographic

Step 2

The consumer is then taken to
the transaction page of
PayUmoney wherein all the
payment related details are
entered by the consumer.

seller payment infographic

Step 3

PayUmoney redirects the
consumer to Visa, MasterCard or
the relevant bank for the next
level of authorization.

seller payment infographic

Step 4

The Bank/Visa/MasterCard
authorizes and confirms the

seller payment infographic

Step 5

The consumer is sent back to

seller payment infographic

Step 6

Merchant shows a success or
failure page to the consumer.


Extension Demo

Backend Settings
you'll be logged in automatically
Guest Page
create RMA request as a guest
Login Page
log in to make the request from the account page

Additional Information

A transaction can have several different statuses as explained below.

Not Started - The transaction has not been started yet.
Initiated - The transaction has been started but not completed.
Money With PayUMoney - The transaction was successful and the transaction amount is with PayUMoney.
Under Dispute - A dispute for the transaction has been raised.
Refunded - The entire amount of the transaction has been refunded.
Partially Refunded - A part of the amount of the transaction has been refunded.
Bounced - Incomplete or no details provided at PayUMoney payment page.
Failed - The transaction didn't complete due to a failure.
Settlement in Process - Settlement for the transaction is in process.
Completed - The transaction is settled and complete.

Settlement is the process by which the money gets transferred from the customer to the bank account of the merchant.
PayUmoney follows a T+2 settlement scheme where T is the date on which the transaction is captured.
There is a reconciliation process at PayUmoney.
On the next day, after you have captured the transactions, PayUmoney will reconcile the online transactions with the credits received based on batch files received from the banks.
After reconciling, we will generate a report and payment will be made for all the transactions for which payment has been received from the bank.
All the details will be visible to you in the online interface.
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