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The freebie Product Instant Search assists your users to easily & quickly find what they're looking for on your site, thus increase their chance of buying your products.

Help your customers get the most relevant search results from the first typed character

Product suggestions based on Products, Product Attributes, Categories

Show other search results in product’s thumbnail images, thus enable to display numerous image results in a page.

Specify search priority for attributes

Enable customers to easily find the necessary products

Choose the search type – ‘like’, ‘fulltext’ or ‘combined’

Highly-configurable autocomplete search

Community Edition 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9
Enterprise Edition 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14
Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-7405

Extension Description

Real-time searching function: automatic searching right after customers type a character.
Display the first search result in main search result section with an “add to cart” form.
Show other search results in product’s thumbnail images, thus enable to display numerous image results in a page.
Easy and quick to load product detail information in the main search result section.
Can search by many products’ attributes: name, short description or tag.
Simple to set the number of search results to be displayed.
All Magestore free Magento extensions are open source 100%.
Easy to install and configure.
Product Instant Search has a user-friendly interface.
It's one of the top useful free Magento extensions


Extension Demo

Backend Settings
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Login Page
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Additional Information

"Product Search” is always an important part of any ecommerce system because it seems impossible to show all products with full details to customers at the same time.
With a powerful product search tool, a web-store can increase selling chance as well as customers’ ease of use.
Magento is using a simple searching function which takes a long time to show the entire search result page and users must navigate to the product page to view its detail information.
Hence, we have developed Magento Product Instant Search - free Magento search extension.
which allows customers to view details or “add to cart” the products in main search result section.
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